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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Upgrades does lady luck shine on you

This year I have spoken to many clients who have been very lucky and received upgrades either just before they travel or when they have arrived at their ship.

In fact quite recently I have had a number of clients who have been upgraded on Cunard to Princess Grills which of course is a fabulous upgrade as the cost of these cabins is considerably higher than the norm and for many customers they would prefer to save their pennies and use this as spending money or to get more cruises.

Now I am not sure what the reasons for this are, and maybe it is because there have been alot of offers for cabins this year on a guarantee basis and therefore the cruise lines are moving passengers up the grades to release cabins in the lower grades to make it more attractive to the consumers pocket or whether my clients have been extremely lucky.

Of course with Cunard , P&O and Princess you can elect for a complimentary upgrade should one become available, however I would never recommend this if you have chosen a cabin to be near a lift or in a particular area of the ship for specific reasons as of course you cannot guarantee that you will get a cabin in the same vicinity with an upgrade and you could be on higher or lower decks more front or rear. Of course when you have one of these upgrades there is no going back to your original cabin.

I love to hear from my clients who have had the good fortune to have been given these upgrades because it shows that there is hope for us all and maybe one day a bit of good fortune could come your way and you are lucky enough to get more than you expect.

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