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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Great Barca Cover Up

Barcelona is banning the wear of bikinis and swimming trunks when walking in the streets of this historic City.

Apparently they want to clean up their image so beware all you travellers staying in Barcelona before or after your cruise you must cover up or face fines for exposing too much flesh in public.

Fines will start from 105 Euros rising to 300 Euros and if you are caught naked (perish the thought) then fines range from 300- 500 Euros.

There will be designated areas where you will be allowed to wear your bikinis or swimming trunks near the beach but if you wander from that well you will be in trouble...

So remember if you like to expose just a little too much flesh when on holiday it could now cost you more than you bargained for....

1 comment:

  1. Wish they'd spend a bit more time and money on the pick pockets. That would clean up their image a lot more.

    Have to say I've never seen anyone in a bikini or swimming trunks. I did see a nude cyclist though! Have seen plenty of pick pockets in action, mostly immigrants. They seem to stay out of trouble by only targeting the tourists. Shame as it's a fabulous place with lovely people.