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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Extreme Excursions - Hippo's in Toronto

Now there are some strange excursions that you can take around the world but this one I couldnt get my head round.

This is a bus that goes into the water and is aptly called the Hippo Bus.

Now we offer a variety of tailor made packages to our clients and this has got to be a must for anyone travelling to Toronto.

This Hippo is a unique 40 passenger vessel that offers land and water tours of Toronto. What a fun way to discover what Toronto has to offer... experience the vista on the road and then the sights on the water how fab is that. Excuse the pun but apparently it is the Hippest way to see Toronto.

According to their website you can take a tour from 43 Canadian Dollars and guess what they are coast guard approved.

If anyone has been on this then please let me know or if you have any other quirky excursion ideas I would love to hear about them.

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