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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Killer Cucumbers - Whatever Next

Reports have been coming out on the news of killer cucumbers from Spain. To be honest when I first read this headline I thought it was a joke, but no it is a serious issue.

Apparently cucumbers have allegedly killed up to 9 people in Germany due to E coli.

Now we are all told how to eat more salads and foods that are good for us, and then these things break the news and my goodness is there anything safe to eat.

I have always considered that a poor little cucumber with a bit of lettuce and tomato was good for you, but now apparently they carry some very nasty diseases, allegedly from Spain.

I have never really thought about this but for cruise liners visiting ports all around Europe who are picking up supplies for their onward journey what a nightmare this must be when these things happen do they buy their Spanish salad material or do they opt for another product and if so are there foreign brands they can buy.

For people in the UK it is a simple choice we just dont buy the Spanish brands until we know 100% they are safe.

Lets hope the killer cucumber incident disappears soon.

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