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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Warning give yourself plenty of time when checking in for low cost flights

I have just returned from my latest trip to France to do a spot of fishing on our lake and always use Ryanair as they are the only airline that fly the route I need from Limoges to the Midlands.

I know they are renowned for their quick turnarounds so always ensure that I am at Limoges airport an hour before, I do not have checked baggage so usually one hour is more than enough time to get through a very small airport.

On Saturday I arrived one hour before and just as I arrived a Ryanair plane just landed, there was no notice on the board to say that it was the East Midlands flight and no change in the departure time for my flight. I quickly popped into the shop which again is very small and before I knew it they were calling the flight and I had to rush through passport control and get straight on the airplane which eventually departed approx 15 minutes early.

The moral to this story is whenever you are using low cost carriers give yourself plenty of check in time as they are always in a hurry to get back to where they need to be, and better to be there a little early than to be sorry and miss your flight. I have never had this problem before at Limoges Airport and usually end up sitting around for ages at the gate but this has made me realise that given the right opportunity the flight will depart as early as it can and you could so easily be left stranded.

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