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Monday, 24 May 2010

Ash Crisis - Is It Really Over

The Icelandic volcano which caused weeks of air travel chaos is no longer active, according to scientists.
Lets hope that it has gone back to sleep for another 100 years.
"The activity of the crater has stopped. No magma is coming up," said geophysicist Magnus Gudmundsson of Iceland University.

Iceland's Meteorological Office said: "The eruption activity is minimal."
Civil Protection Agency official Iris Marelsdottir says some steam was coming out of the volcano, but no ash. "It's too early to say this is over, but at the moment it is quiet," she said.
The volcano erupted on April 14 for the first time in nearly two centuries.
The threat of engine damage from the volcanic ash plume led most northern European countries to shut their airspace for at least five days, grounding an estimated 10 million travellers worldwide.
Experts say they will continue monitoring the volcano.

"I would say if there are no new earthquakes and no new outburst, then that would suggest that it is over," said Mr Gudmundsson, though he pointed out that the previous eruption at the volcano in 1821 lasted 13 months.

"It stopped and started again several times with different intervals, so it's difficult to say, difficult to give a timeline," he added.

Let us hope that this is the end to put an end to the worry all passengers have been facing.

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