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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Land Ahoy- OOPS Party cruise ends up grounded

I was reading a report today that made me laugh in a popular daily newspaper..

The MSC Poesia, has been on a 3 night cruise off the Bahamas and this cruise was no ordinary

The cruise was being held for electronica music fans and featured 20 DJ's and featured big-names including Fatboy Slim and former Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee.

At about 7.00am in the morning passengers had a shock when the ship ran aground, maybe the crew had been partying a bit too hard with all that music going on.

The good news was that the ships was pulled free in the end and all was well again.

With no real explaination of how this happened I am sure there will be plenty of questions asked
of the crew as to why this managed to happen.

It will give the passengers something to remember as well as the music and I am sure that for some
who may have been a little hungover from the party cruise it gave them a short shock and sobered them up very quickly indeed.

Remember many of the cruise lines offer themed short break cruises of course not all on the lines of the one above, from visiting gardens to wine themed short breaks so please give us a call if you fancy
a themed break.

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