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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Costa Concordia Documentary on Channel 4

Tonight Channel 4 aired a documentary following the events of Friday 13th January, showing passengers footage and real life accounts from the British passengers on board.

The Costa Concordia has been on the news every day since that dreaded day and of course has
been a talking point to many customers I have been speaking to over the last few weeks.

Most customers I have spoken to although they have been very shocked over the events have not
been put off cruising and all feel that from this terrible tragedy, all ships will now be reviewing
their own proceedures to ensure that something like this never happens again

I found this program extremely informative as well as very moving, from the evidence that was
put forward it does appear that the Captain has to carry the blame for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and also for not acting swiftly.

When all the investigations have been completed I am sure that there will be some new measures put
in place that will ensure that something like this will never happen in the same circumstances.

Soon this will not be in the news and although not forgotten the cruise industry will continue to move
forward, with new exciting cruise ships, more innovative ideas and facilities on board, but with measures
in place to prevent Captains sailing where they should not and with better safety proceedures on board.

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