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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Have you seen the Aurora Borealis

The UK has been very lucky over the last few nights that those living in the right areas of
Britain have experience something that I would love to see ..the spectacular Aurora Borealis.

Of course many people book a cruise whether it be to Alaska or Norway to try and get the
best views of Aurora Borealis, but of course there are never any guarantees as the ingrediants have to be just right to set off this spectacular display.

But for those living in the UK over the past few nights, they have been able to witness what normally only a priveledged amount of people can see.

If you are out and about tonight here is a list that has been compiled of places that may offer you the best vantage point to see this one off experience.

Also Lancaster University have an Aurora watch website may be worth a look to see where there have been sightings http://aurorawatch.lancs.ac.uk/


Buckstones Car Park
Marsden Moor, Yorkshire

Friar's Crag
Lake District, Cumbria


Mam Tor
Peak District, Derbyshire


Bignor Car Park
Slindon Estate, West Sussex

Dunkery Beacon
Holnicote Estate, Exmoor

Echo Mount
Knole, Kent

Black Down

Northern Ireland

Divis Mountain


Penbryn Beach


Galloway Forest Park
Dumfries and Galloway

Sighthill Park

New Lanark Roof Garden

Good luck to everyone trying to see this... remember if you dont all is not lost there are cruises
that specialise in offering cruises to try and get a glimpse of the most spectacular light show on Earth.

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