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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Friday 13th was it unlucky or lucky for you?

We have all read of the disaster that struck the Costa Concordia that happened on Friday 13th,
but how much do we read into this dreaded day and date and do people really take this seriously.

I had a customer that I quoted on Friday 13th and she refused to book it as she is very superstitious
and nothing I said would make her change her mind.

The following day I called her as arranged and we tried to book her cruise unfortunately,
the cabins that she had wanted had all been sold and she had to pay extra to get the position on the
ship that she needed.

So Friday the 13th would have been far more lucky for her than Saturday 14th.

Some things are just out of our hands whether we are superstitious or not and it doesnt matter
what the date is or time of day, if cabins are booked or prices change there is nothing we can do.

Thankfully my lady saw the funny side of her predicament and said trust me to be superstitious, I only have myself to blame.

If you have any funny stories then I would love to hear them.

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