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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Would you share a cabin with a stranger?

I have recently had one of my passengers who has booked with us for many years return from a world cruise on Fred Olsen's Balmoral.

Like so many single passengers when she made her inital enquiries, the price for a single cabin was quite expensive for her so she decided to consider sharing with another solo traveller.

She had never tried this before and was a little apprehensive for all the reasons that you can imagine....
Will I get on with the person, will they snore and what type of person will this be.

Fred Olsen are the only cruise line who will offer a share basis and they do have limited places for this, but they do try and match people up to the best of their ability.
Subject to availability Fred Olsen will offer the share facility on any of their fantastic range of cruises.

Now as you can imagine 108 nights away on a cruise is a long time, but I am happy to report that my lady was absoloutely over the moon with her travelling companion.

They got on well, knew when to give each other the space they needed and in fact got on so well they are keeping in touch and may travel on a cruise again together.

This is wonderful news and a story with a happy ending that I thought I must share with you all. Of course for anyone looking to travel on their own who doesnt mind sharing this can be a great way of saving some money.


  1. Many years ago, myself and sister shared a four birth cabin on a 3 night taster cruise. It was the only option open to us as the ship was full. The other 2 ladies were part of a large group of travellers who all worked together.
    We respected each others privacy and vacated the cabin at times when the bathroom was required etc.
    I also booked shared accomodation for my father when my mum passed away. This was his first and only cruise. Sadly this didn't work out as one of the occupants was rather strange and selfish when it came to entertaining ladies! Thankfully he moved out of the cabin. The other passenger was fine to get along with. In hindsight, it was too soon following the death of my mum and my father wasn't ready to fly solo.

  2. You mean 18 nights, right?

  3. It wouldn't be a 'cruise' if you could do a world cruise in 18 days!

  4. Oh! Didn't see it was a world cruise; to be honest I didn't know of their existence. 108 days in a ship? How much something like this costs?