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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Will Egypt ever recover from recent violence

The news has been constant over the last week or so reporting every last movement in Egypt following the resent unrest.

So many people travel to Egypt to visit the sites the Port Of Alexandria,The Pyramids and of course the Cairo Museum.

I found it so sad to hear reports that some people had raided the Cairo museum and destroyed some artifacts as well as trying to steal other items and that historical sites were being looted.

Many holidays have been cancelled and of course cruise lines have had to change itineraries to avoid the area.

Of course those booked to travel all through this year are now concerned as to whether their travel plans will continue and at this moment in time none of us can possibly know what will happen in the future and how soon it will be before the trouble has finished.

I dearly hope that there is an end to this soon as who knows what may happen not only to the Egyptian people but to this country filled with so many historical sites and artefacts that once destroyed can never every be replaced.
Egypt relies heavily on its tourist industry and as each day passes they must be losing millions in revenue from visitors from all over the world who want to see the marvels that this fascinating country has to offer.

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