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Friday, 5 March 2010

British Airways - Do we love them or hate them !!!!

We all used to love BA and all used to feel so safe and secure when we were booked with them, the recent threats of strike causes so much misery and worry to people who are booked to travel with them. Let alone all the extra work cruise operators/travel agents have trying to plan should strike action be taken.

Should they find a solution to stop all this worry once and for all before holidaymakers start to boycott them and start arranging their flights with other airlines who so far are not involved in industrial disputes ....

What do you think?  would you consider booking with another airline next time you travel or do you still support them ?

BA and Unite seek deal before strike announced

A decision on strike action by British Airways cabin crew is expected next week as talks between the airline and the union Unite continue.
There had been speculation that Unite would announce strike action today but it is likely that the union will give BA the weekend to consider a possible deal to end the dispute.
Unite must legally announce strike dates by March 15 at the latest after its BA cabin crew members voted for action last month. Any strike action will have to start by March 22.
The dispute between BA and cabin crew revolves around pay and working conditions.

BA has said it will have 1,000 non-cabin crew staff ready to fly, and hopes to train up to 6,000 other staff members to allow it to continue operating if there is industrial action.

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