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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Chocaholics beware....Price of choc to go up as shortage looms

I was reading an article today about cocoa and apparently there is a shortage looming that is putting our
favoutite treat in danger. shortages of cocoa could send the cost of our sins soaring.

With all the doom and gloom around the world at the moment, the one thing we all like to treat ourselves
with as a bit of comfort is the occasional bar of chocolate or for some many bars of chocolate or even a
big box.

Christmas is traditionally the time when someone in your family or circle of friends will indulge you with a
festive treat of a box of your favourite sin or whether it be chocolates or biscuits and we all look forward to
this treat whether we are a big lover of chocolate or not.

Of course if you are on a cruise holiday we all love the added touch of a choc on our pillow before we go to bed,
or chocs with our coffee after a meal, or even the wonderful choc puds on offer with our evening meal.

Then of course when we go on shore excursions there are always places we visit where we like to sample
the countries choc foods or sweeties...Take Belgium for instance renowned for its chocs and last year I certainly came home with some choc treats for the family when we were on our Christmas cruise and I am sure that my work colleagues will do the same this year too.

So please growers of the world keep the cocoa coming so we can continue to enjoy our little treats without
them costing a fortune... we want to keep our chocs as an affordable luxury not something to drool at but
cannot buy..

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