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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Fred Olsen and the single traveller

This week I had some lovely comments from a lady who insists that she will only travel with Fred Olsen.

After travelling for many years with her late husband, obviously it was traumatic choosing the right cruise as it is very difficult for widow/widowers to find the courage to try and holiday on their own.

My client had chosen Fred Olsen and was so impressed with the holiday that now she will choose no other.
The main things that helped her get over her initial worries were that she had requested to sit with other single people in the dining room, this request had been granted and she found herself sharing the experiences of others who were in the same position as herself.
Because the ships do not carry thousands of passengers this made it more intimate and easier to meet the same people around the ship, and she felt that the crew were fantastic and very understanding of a single travellers needs.

I have many people who love to travel with Fred Olsen for the same reasons I have listed above and of course they are one of the few cruise lines to offer single rooms too.
Recently I booked a lady on a twin share again this is something you do not normally find with other cruise lines nowadays. This lady didnt want to pay extra for a cabin on her own, so was prepared to share with someone she hadnt met before. Of course this could be risky if you do not have alot in common, but also could be so rewarding if you do as you could find a travelling companion for future holidays and save yourself paying extra for single cabins or paying sometimes double the price for a cabin for sole occupancy.

I love to hear stories from my clients that prove that the cruise lines do get it right most of the time. I do feel for single travellers as it can be so difficult ,and to travel for the first time on your own must be very traumatic.

We have a great selection of garden cruises and of course if you have a keen interest in gardening this could be another great way as a single person to get together with other like-minded people.

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