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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Be careful low cost airlines and industrial strikes in France

Hi Everyone,

I have returned safely from my vacance in France unfortunately didnt catch many fish but we did manage to catch a rather nasty dose of the flu instead... Not from anyone French but from someone on holiday from Accrington , we met his virus before we met him.

Whilst we were away we were unfortunate enough to be coming back on the day that the French decided to go on strike so therefore our flight was cancelled.

Lucky for us, we had access to the internet and by chance checked our emails to find to our horror one entitled URGENT FLIGHT CANCELLATION.

Thankfully we were able to transfer our reservation Free Of Charge with Ryanair BUT had to come home a day early much to our dismay.

However I would like to offer a few words of warning to anyone travelling with low cost carriers where they have to do online check-in and have the print out.   We were fortunate that we were able to print out ours but there were many passengers moaning at the airport because they hadnt got their piece of paper and were being charged 30Euros each.

I would suggest that when booking low cost carrier flights.... always re-check your flights even if you have to use an internet cafe and IF you have to change your reservation always make sure that you find some way of printing out your e-ticket otherwise you can be faced with a hefty bill.

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