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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Air Passenger Duty rises how will this affect us

Air passenger duty is set to rise from Monday 1st November.

What do we think and how does this affect us...... well of course for those who do not fly and just take a traditional cruise then they will notice no difference and of course all they have to worry about is the cruise lines increasing any fuel supplements as time moves forward.

However alot of customers prefer to take a fly cruise and of course flights will be affected with some airlines possibly absorbing the costs and others who will pass on these costs to customers.

Many clients like to book their own flights and of course they may see the added costs straight away when booking their flights.

The airlines are not happy and the worry is that these extra costs may affect those on the tightest budgets where any extra rises could quite easily push the cost of their holiday just beyond reach, and there are many people who have felt the pinch of the last few years and may have just got themselves back into employment after being made redundant and are finding that a holiday that was just affordable is being pushed out of budget.

We also need tourists to travel to our Country to help our own tourist industry so these rises affect those people too who are liable to pay the charges .

This will be the third increase in 3 years and it does seem unfair, we all know that the goverment need to try and raise money, but should this have been a very small increase so as to not to have a huge impact on those who may have foresaken a holiday over the last couple of years because of the climate here.... what do you think ?

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