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Monday, 11 June 2012

Excursion Details if you dont have the internet!

I have clients who have just booked a P&O cruise, but on a special discounted price.

They want to access excursion information but neither of them have a computer at home and do not have family living nearby to print or show them the details. As they have booked a deal P&O will not be sending anything through the post.

Now as a company we of course have printed out the details and posted them to our clients to assist them, but I do feel sorry for customers when they feel helpless when they do not have the internet.

I do understand that in this day and age there are alot of people who have printers and internet at home, but there are still many elderly people who for them they feel it is not something they want to start to learn.

It can be stressful to clients when they worry about their tickets and on line check in especially
when for so many years they were used to receiving everything through the post.

I do wish that the cruise lines would still send excursion booklets regardless of the deal, as the
customers will be booking these and putting extra revenue in the cruise lines pockets so you wouldnt think that the few extra pennies to send them would make alot of difference, I am sure it costs more in
time and money for clients who call them worried or asking questions.

I know things will never be the same as they used to be but maybe a little help would be better than none at all.

What is your opinion on this ?

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