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Monday, 18 June 2012

E- Ticket Blues

Last week I posted about excursion documents and how unfair it seems for cruisers who do not have the internet or printers...

This week I have received telephone calls from a number of clients struggling with printing out their
e-tickets..or finding information out about their cruise

Thank goodness we can print them out for them and send them else I think some customers would go out of their minds.

The problems are not just when clients do not have the facility to print themselves sometimes for whatever reasons the sites just dont seem to want to work when they should and frustrated customers
find that they cannot get the document to open at all,

Unfortunately technology can be too clever for its own good and customers who are OK using the internet get stuck when they are not sure that they have to allow pop ups or some computers seem
to protect them so well that they cannot fathom out what they are doing wrong...

All these things lead to so much frustration and people start asking if there is anyone they can book with who still send traditional tickets out. Unfortunely there are not many of these left...

I dont think that any of the cruise lines would revert back to traditional methods now , so we all have
to grin and bear it and do the best we can.

At least we are hear to help all our frustrated customers when they get into trouble on the world wide web.

Would you prefer to go back to traditional tickets let me know your thoughts...

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