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Monday, 14 May 2012

Surfing on board at what cost !!!

With so many people relying on the internet nowadays, there are many customers/cruisers who want to check their emails and keep in touch with the family when they are away and of course send pictures to their loved ones and friends just to rub it in how wonderful their holiday is !!.

But with most hotels/shopping centres and restaurants offering free wifi connection it seems to me that the cruise lines are making the most out of their internet charges.

I was reading a newspaper article recently that was looking into the charges that each cruise line charged and to be honest it is quite a hefty sum.

It appears that it will cost you anything from 41p per minute when you are away depending of course
on who you are cruising with.

So you need to be very nimble fingered to get those emails typed and sent as quick as possible otherwise it may be cheaper just to use a phone and call your friends and family when you in port.

According to the survey I read here is an outline of who was charging what..

Celebrity 41p per minute
P&O 50p per minute plus £2.50 to send a single email.
Cunard 47p per minute
NCL 75p per minute

Of course the cruise lines packages of minutes but it still works out a fair sum.

Fred Olsen apparently are one of the cheapest on a pay as you go tarif of 20p per minute.

So cruisers beware check out the costs before you go on a surfing spree on your cruise holiday as we all know you can easily get hooked reading something on the internet and before you know it you have been on there 30mins or even longer.

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