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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Riots now affecting the cruise industry

As the civil unrest has spread around the country tonight we know of two companies who have had to shut their offices early due to the troubles that now many parts of the country are experiencing.
Over the last few minutes the news are reporting troubles in Wolverhampton, Birmingham and now in Salford so we may find tomorrow many more companies having to open late or shut early.

Cruise operators as well as any other business have a duty to protect their staff so if they have been advised to shut early then thats what they should do.

Two of my colleagues found the Viking had shut early and also MSC cruises and we wish our colleagues safe passage home and trust that their offices will not be affected by the troubles.

As many of you know I work from home which is now France and my French neighbours cannot believe what is going on back in the UK... As we are all aware with the protests that happen in France they are a nation who do stand up for their rights but not on a scale that they are seeing in the UK.
The news of our unrest is being viewed all over the world and what we do not want is this affecting our tourism as their are many travellers who not only visit our Country for a holiday but many who fly into the UK to join a cruise ship to take them around Europe.
London is now a focal point with the lead up to the Olympics next year and certainly we do not want our country seen in such a bad way.

We can but hope that there will be end to all these troubles swiftly

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