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Monday, 14 December 2009

Are you covered ??????? Diana's Tips for choosing travel insurance

When making that important purchase of your cruise holiday where we all spend our hard earn savings for that special treat, it is vital that we ensure that if anything should happen before or during our holiday that we are covered for most eventualities.

After working for a travel insurance provider for 3 years, I have seen many high value claims and also heard many horror stories from customers who have not checked their details throughly or have not bothered to take insurance and then had major problems.

With so many companies out there now offering travel insurance it is vital that you ensure that you look at the important clauses otherwise you could be left with many problems financially.

  • When Travelling overseas never rely on just an EHIC card it does not cover for cancellation, repatriation or baggage and only covers certain types of treatment in certain countries, normally in state hospitals not private.
  • Where possible take out insurance as soon as you have booked your holiday, then you are benefiting immediately from cancellation cover.
  • Always disclose any medical conditions to the insurer (where applicable). Failure to disclose could lead to non payment of a claim, should there be a medical reason why you need to cancel or if you required treatment abroad and it was due to something that had not been disclosed.
  • check that your insurance covers for cruising (there are some insurance companies where it is not automatically included, it may not be available or a higher premium may be charged).
  • When your bank/building society gives free insurance or you are paying a monthly fee for a package of insurances/benefits, always check that you are covered for cruise holidays, you check any pre-existing medical conditions with them, you check that the area you are travelling to is covered on the policy. ( Sometimes only free travel insurance to Europe is included). Also very important is check that there is no upper age restriction on the policy.

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