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Sunday, 22 November 2009

My Dream Cruise

For me the highlights would be the beautiful clear waters, icebergs and glaciers shimmering against the sea and sky and of course if I could catch a glimpse of the whales that would be fantastic.

My dream cruise would be a scenic cruise to Alaska to see the spectacular scenery.
The one thing I would love to see that would be an added highlight to my dream holiday would be the greatest free light show on earth the aurora borealis, to see all those coloured lights dancing around the sky and reflecting off the icebergs and sea to me would be a sight worth seeing. I have only ever spoken to a few people who have witnessed this spectacle in Alaska and although many people have so many good things to say about the cruises, scenery and wildlife their experience of seeing the greatest free light show on earth is one they will never forget.

If you are thinking of taking an Alaskan Cruise have a look at the video below this gives you a great overview of the spectacular scenery, wildlife and all the tours that you can combine with your once in a lifetime cruise.
If you have been on an Alaska Cruise or wish to share your experiences please feel free to enter your comments on this page.

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