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Monday, 16 July 2012

Coca Cola futuristic machines on Royal Caribbean

I was reading an article on one of our cruise news websites about a tie up between Royal Caribbean and Coca Cola.

Everywhere you look nowadays Coca Cola seem to have a foot hold everywhere and seem to be sponsoring everything. Of course with the Olympics on soon we will be seeing even more of them as I am sure there will be more and more advertisements as the Olympics draws ever closer.

Their clever marketing campaigns over many many years have seen them become a brand name that will never be forgotten so I am sure what they have in mind with Royal Caribbean will certainly benefit both parties.

According to the article, freestyle machines will be installed on the ships now I am not quite sure how exactly this will work but it appears that you will be able to experience many different flavours of this brand and that you will have a cartridge like that of a printer than will dispense the flavour.

 Somehow there will be a Radio Frequency Identification which will allow passengers to use the machine with souvenier cups which they serve themselves and after their voyage this will expire.

It doesnt make clear what charges if any will apply, so whether this will become part of the soda drinks package or something entirely different we can only wait and see.

Some ships will start getting these this year otherwise it will be 2013 before they are all in place.

The Majesty of the seas being the first to try it out.

So anyone out there if you have come across these machines it would be interesting to know, how they work , what they cost and whether there are unique flavours not experienced before and whether it is a good or a bad thing.

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