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Sunday, 3 January 2010

Fred Olsen The Balmoral

Our Christmas Party cruise was an eye opener to me as I had never experienced Fred Olsen Cruises before eventhough I have booked many clients with them.

I thought that the service was truly outstanding the staff were extremely attentive as well as being friendly and smiling all the time.

The food was excellent and I could see what many people need to diet after their cruise so many courses if you want them.

The public rooms were all nicely decorated, stylish and comfortable and traditional.

The cabin I had was very clean and comfortable and I had an outside cabin which had no restricted view. The bathroom was well equipped and I was lucky to have a bath with a shower over it. A good thing was tea/coffee making facilities in the room and they were replenished regularly. The only thing that I could grumble about was that the cabin I had around the window the metal was a little rusty other than that I had no complaints.

The only mistake that I made was not realising that you needed a continental adapter to run those all essential electrical items you take on your hols.... However the problem was easily solved as you could hire one from reception so all was sorted.

The ship may not have the wow factor that something like the Independence of The Seas has but I would be quite happy to have a holiday on her.
You just have to check what facilities are on board your cruise ship to see if it suits your tastes..... if you are looking for lots of facilities and huge shows, ice rinks, rock climbing walls and huge shopping malls then the Balmoral would not be the ship for you..... if you want excellent service and a more low key cruise then you would probably enjoy this ship.

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