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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

How friendly is a cruise

When speaking to my clients either before they book or when they have returned from their
cruise I am amazed at some of the stories that I hear of people making friends or even finding love on their cruises.

So many times do I hear , we are meeting friends we made on a cruise 3 years ago or one year ago.
Or sometimes my clients tell me that they are visiting friends across the globe who they met on a cruise
x amount of years ago.

Sometimes there are also the stories of blossoming romances or weddings or just great friendships between people that last for years and years.

Now of course when you travel on a package holiday you can still make friends but I do believe that
cruise holidays bring people together from all areas of life and keep them firmly bonded for many many years.

Single people often worry about being alone when they cruise but I do not think they will be
alone for long, there are always people around who take the time and trouble to talk to others.

Now you still have to choose your cruise wisely of course because the larger ships may not be
as intimate so meeting others regularly may not be the same as when you are on a smaller ship so
you should always ask for advice if you are worried.

With many of the cruise lines now on sale or due to go on sale shortly for 2013 now is the time to start
thinking ahead, if you havent cruised before take that step and give it a go and if you are a seasoned cruiser then get together with your friends wherever they may be and start planning for all that all important cruise.

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